Exploring Spirituality

Combining Character and Interfaith Education for a Better World

Exploring Spirituality—A Course for Life or Many Lifetimes for That Matter

The class-room lies within our selves and meditation is our method of discovery. The sacred scriptures of the world are our “texts” and those who have embodied God as Messengers and Prophets are our “Teachers.”

We are all on this path together; all part of this course by nature of our birth. You could say it’s a required course that few bother to take. That’s why there’s so much suffering in the world and so little peace.

I take this course very seriously, and try to spend as much time as possible on my homework - time spent in mediation and prayer, being mindful of God’s presence, and thanking God throughout the day. Much of my day is spent in “research” - thinking about and finding lessons in everyday life, or talking or writing about what I’ve learned. I keep a diary, my class notes, and try to practice the lessons by involving myself in community activities to serve others in need to the best of my ability. Service projects are extensions of our spiritual consciousness and will help overcome the selfishness and greed within ourselves and our society, and by working together we can solve the problems that plague our world.

As a matter of fact I’ve just published a book about my experiences on this path. It’s called, A Path to Follow …a life to lead.