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    Announcing the release of Stories to Light our Way, Jouney to the World of Good.


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    This professionally produced audio CD complete with music and sound effects contains stories from the world's traditions and cultures, specially written or adapted for children by Ralph Singh. There are 11 stories told from the perspective of a child or an animal, which teach a particular value or reinforce a particular character trait, and encourage spiritual growth. Ideal for both families and educators, and use in public forums.

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The Greatest Science of them All?

This weekend as some of the greatest scientific minds on the planet converge on Tempe, AZ to discuss the Origins of this universe and life itself, one critical perspective is likely to be missing - the spiritual. It's not a matter of faith, but rather of practice, that many scientists don't feel spirituality has anything to add to scientific exploration. This sets up unnecessary conflicts between those who would rather God, the word that is, not make an appearance, and those who insist that science validate their beliefs.  

In fact, from a spiritual perspective, what we consider modern science is still in its infancy. Science is just beginning to discover what visionaries revealed hundreds, and in some cases, tens of thousands, of years ago.


How many wrong turns do we have to make to end up where God wants us to be?

Have you ever thought that you were going the wrong way or on the wrong path and just couldn't understand why it was taking so long to get to where you wanted to be?

Maybe you were exactly where you were supposed to be. It's often said that God has His own time. And in order for us to connect with the right opportunity or the right person sometimes we need to take a bit of a detour. Or maybe there are lessons we still have to learn to prepare us to recognize the opportunity or to be recognized.


Out of Focus

I was trying to focus my automatic camera on the bird feeder but the beautiful red sand cherry in the background kept grabbing the attention. Its tiny pink blossoms some 25 yards away were sharp and clear while the birds, only 10 feet away, were a blur. I called out to my son - "I have to ask a pro why I can't focus on the close-ups. The background seems to always pull the lens away."


Don’t Even Entertain That Thought!

We are terrible hosts. Actually, we end up hosting raucous parties for guests that constantly disturb our peace. I’m talking about our errant thoughts. They certainly don’t know when they’ve outstayed their welcome and we on the other hand just can’t find a way to show them the door. I suppose from the perspective of a nagging worry, we are the perfect host.


Rise above it. Outgrow it!

Rise above it!

Whenever we’re faced with difficulties, we must learn to rise above them.

Didn’t our parents tell us, “Outgrow that bad habit.” Now that we’re adults we often wonder when we’re going to grow up as human beings, becoming kinder, more caring, less angry and less fearful people. Now outgrowing means expanding our consciousness.