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Don’t Even Entertain That Thought!

We are terrible hosts. Actually, we end up hosting raucous parties for guests that constantly disturb our peace. I’m talking about our errant thoughts. They certainly don’t know when they’ve outstayed their welcome and we on the other hand just can’t find a way to show them the door. I suppose from the perspective of a nagging worry, we are the perfect host.

It’s not even a symbiotic relationship. We don’t benefit at all from the anxiety, fear, or anger they incite.

Unless of course we can learn from the experience and not entertain that thought again.

We should profile all negative thoughts and make sure the bouncers at the gates clearly recognize all their disguises and are given strict instructions not to allow them in.

But often, if you’re like me, despite our best efforts and state of the art security systems, some thoughts still find their way through the best defenses. It’s at those times we have to stand up for our own peace of mind and just show them the door.

“We don’t entertain that thought,” should be hung on our mind’s door and in our mind’s eye, as a warning to keep the negative influences out. If we want to create an exclusive club, let’s exclude those ideas which breed hatred.

But more importantly, keeping our mind attuned to God, by the un-ceasing praise of Jaap Sahib and by reciting God’s Holy Name, creates an atmosphere which lets those thoughts know that “God is spoken here.” And believe it or not that many of these thoughts would not be caught dead in such a place and won’t even approach you. It’s as if a force field extends around you which both defends you against evil and propels you in the direction of good.

So let’s become better hosts – and host a party of peace for ourselves and the world.