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Combining Character and Interfaith Education for a Better World

About My Book

apathtofollow-frontcover200x310At age 22, a powerful vision in New York led me to India on a classic quest for Truth where in 1971 I came face to face with the One who had appeared to me, His Holiness Baba Virsa Singh ji of Gobind Sadan, one of the world’s greatest spiritual figures. In the book, I share the lessons learned at Babaji’s feet of how to follow the most difficult path of all – leading a spiritual life while fully engaged in the trials and challenges of everyday life: marriage and raising a family, running a business, and serving in community projects aimed at alleviating the problems of the world.

Some passages you might find interesting:

  • The Vision
  • Maharaj ji takes me on a tour of the Cosmos
  • Meditation According to Maharaj ji