Exploring Spirituality

Combining Character and Interfaith Education for a Better World

Out of Focus

I was trying to focus my automatic camera on the bird feeder but the beautiful red sand cherry in the background kept grabbing the attention. Its tiny pink blossoms some 25 yards away were sharp and clear while the birds, only 10 feet away, were a blur. I called out to my son - "I have to ask a pro why I can't focus on the close-ups. The background seems to always pull the lens away."


Don’t Even Entertain That Thought!

We are terrible hosts. Actually, we end up hosting raucous parties for guests that constantly disturb our peace. I’m talking about our errant thoughts. They certainly don’t know when they’ve outstayed their welcome and we on the other hand just can’t find a way to show them the door. I suppose from the perspective of a nagging worry, we are the perfect host.


Rise above it. Outgrow it!

Rise above it!

Whenever we’re faced with difficulties, we must learn to rise above them.

Didn’t our parents tell us, “Outgrow that bad habit.” Now that we’re adults we often wonder when we’re going to grow up as human beings, becoming kinder, more caring, less angry and less fearful people. Now outgrowing means expanding our consciousness.


Taking Out the Garbage

I used to hate taking out the garbage. I'd curse and yell. My father hated taking out the garbage and I must have picked it up from him. I'd think of all the other important things I should be doing and what a waste of my important time it was. Then Maharaj ji showed me: we all have garbage in our minds. Think that you are cleaning your karma - smile as the place gets clean and leave it clean.


Snow Geese

Yesterday was all snow geese. The sky was full of pure white kites circling darting and floating across the sky. Water spouts of white birds on the blue expanse. Punctuated only by the black tips of their wings and tails they formed endless patterns of white patches blanketing the landscape.


Balls of Color

Balls of color descend and envelop me in a pie eyed landscape

Like m and m's or mints if you prefer -

Pick them up and play with them.

A concert of celestial song - a divine play

You who sing His praises - raise your voices loud and clear

You who act His lines - speak clearly that we all can understand

You who lead us in the direction of truth - stand firm and tall that we may follow

You all will herald His coming

Stay in the light and bring the light and share the light

for the time of dawning has arrived