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Snow Geese

Yesterday was all snow geese. The sky was full of pure white kites circling darting and floating across the sky. Water spouts of white birds on the blue expanse. Punctuated only by the black tips of their wings and tails they formed endless patterns of white patches blanketing the landscape.

From my vantage point on our hill, I could see them from all perspectives. From the window, I could watch them descend and land. Or I could sit endlessly in the field to capture them from ground level peeking through the corn stubble. From a distance it was hard to tell where the patches of snow stopped and the cluster of geese began. I was able to come within 25 yards without disturbing them and even stood up singing Nam and praises to the Guru to them while they continued to feed comfortably.

After an hour in the field I returned to the house to download the photos when they began to swarm across the back sky as thick as locusts. They were circling the house, flying through the back yard, sometimes close enough to reach out catch them. I pulled up the shade and opened the window. With the camera resting on the sash, the curtain draped over the back of my head I felt like a pro with a Hasselback. I stood for another 20 minutes clicking away.

Watching birds in general, and geese in particular, can occupy my whole day. And taking pictures makes it even better. My mind is drawn into the beauty of God's order and photos allow me to capture those moments for memories or to share.

Ah that our minds were so easy to order on our own.  The wings beat up and down - come to their appointed place of landing - then beat again and lift the birds into the air on their journey. They fly in formation each one honking encouragement to the leader. On the ground a few Canada geese gathered in the midst of the Arctics stand as sentinels - almost to say - we know this territory - you can be at ease.

The snow geese remind us of renewal. Of the ever upward climb of our spirit as it circles the updrafts and down turns of life on its way to meet our Creator. We all need to find these moments of renewal - not just in nature - but within ourselves. For nature is a constant - its ebb and flow is clearly orchestrated and as we watch it play out it soothes us to see some order in the midst of chaos. It is our nature we need to bring into harmony so we can feel the power of God's order propelling us as well.

Through the inner eye of meditation, let us learn to watch the white geese in our soul, feel them rise and fall on the currents, let us capture the exuberance and enjoy the ride.