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Rise above it. Outgrow it!

Rise above it!

Whenever we’re faced with difficulties, we must learn to rise above them.

Didn’t our parents tell us, “Outgrow that bad habit.” Now that we’re adults we often wonder when we’re going to grow up as human beings, becoming kinder, more caring, less angry and less fearful people. Now outgrowing means expanding our consciousness.

We have to grow in places we never imagined existed. Within ourselves.

In meditation our consciousness rises – or shoots up – like an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ towering above the forest of our petty thoughts. A rocket taking us to “inner–space” free from the incessant pull of our egos.

Let Nam – God’s Holy Name – power us to new heights. Then as Babaji says the worldly problems seem to shrink before us and moreover from that vantage point those nasty barbs which constantly prick us loose their affect and fall away.

We are free to pursue our relationship with our Creator and out of that love, free to follow the path that lays before us.